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Airing out the Facts about Airbag Injuries

Airbags inflate quickly to stop drivers and passengers from getting seriously injured in car accidents. However, despite their design, sometimes...

How to deal with a workplace accident

Employees across the country are entitled to work in a safe environment but unfortunately accidents can happen. If you’re injured in the...

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No win no fee claims in Northern Ireland

We have all heard about the no win no fee payment method for solicitors. It’s also known as a conditional fee arrangement and most people have...

Supporting employees who are deaf or have hearing loss

Guest Blog

We invited Andrea Quinn from the Royal National Institute for...

Northern Ireland's loudest places to work

Industrial deafness, sometimes called noise-induced hearing loss, is the name given to hearing loss that was contracted in a noisy work...

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Learner drivers' liability on the road

Learning to drive is an exciting time, promising future enjoyment of all that our roads have to offer. However, road accidents do unfortunately...

Accidents involving mobility scooters

If you are involved in an accident involving a mobility scooter then you might be entitled to compensation. This is the case if you are either...

5 reasons to get a dash cam

When you find yourself in a position where you believe you’re owed compensation there are many things to be considered. One such thing is...

Tech is helping us help clients

It’s no secret or surprise that technology has changed the legal sector in recent years. From the client perspective the benefits of this...

You can help create safer environments by claiming

Many people don’t realise that access to justice is an important part of our society and culture. You are likely aware that when you are...

Staying safe on electric bicycles

Electric bikes, or electrically-assisted pedal cycles, are now fully legal on public roads in Northern Ireland. Until recently, these bikes...

Mental health in the haulage industry

Guest Blog

We invited Leanne Lyons, an advocate for mental health in the haulage industry, to tell her story and share some advice she...

What to do when there’s no witness to your accident

When claiming for an accident that wasn’t your fault having independent witnesses will strengthen your case. You should try to get the contact...

Driving with your child

Children are by far more vulnerable than adults when driving. Consequently, it’s essential that motorists with children on board reduce the...

Public liability and occupiers' liability claims

When you are injured in an accident that was the fault of another, you are entitled to compensation. Work accidents and road accidents are two...

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