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3 Reasons to Choose a Local Personal Injury Solicitor

3 Reasons to Choose a Local Personal Injury Solicitor

Whether it’s a broken wrist from a slip or whiplash from a car accident, personal injury is seriously inconvenient. There is the pain associated with the injury, but also the less obvious nuances that land victims of personal injury in a less literal world of hurt. There might be property damage to contend with, especially in Road Traffic Accidents. Sufferers of personal injury may be unable to work and lose out on earnings as a result. In extreme cases, an injury can be life changing and additional care or assistance will be needed and required to be paid for.

When a person has an unfortunate accident, they need a professional in their corner as quickly as possible. Here is 3 reasons why a local personal injury solicitor should be that professional.

1.       Personal Injury is not easy.

As a consequence of cold-calling and cheesy TV adverts from conveyor belt claim companies, the public has a misconception that handling injury claims is quick and easy. Personal Injury is a branch of the law that comes with a unique set of challenges which is why a qualified solicitor is in the best position to assist. This is not something a conveyor belt claim company can offer.

2.       Build a client / solicitor relationship.

It is the job of a dedicated personal injury solicitor to form a professional relationship with clients. This is the most efficient way to properly assess how to best serve the client. The solicitor can go through a potential case with a fine tooth comb to ensure the best possible outcome. We take this personal approach a step further at Paschal O’Hare Solicitors by having only one solicitor work on an individual case except in the rarest circumstances.

3.       Locals know best

When it comes to legal matters it is essential to have an expert who knows the local law and is qualified to practice it. Choosing a local solicitor over a national claims company is incredibly important if you want to ensure the information you receive is up to date. Do you recall seeing “No Win No Fee” in a National Accident Helpline advert? Well, did you know that in Northern Ireland, the Law Society forbids this kind of fee collection? Of course, a local solicitor would be able to relay this during the first phone call and explain the NI equivalent payment schemes. Local solicitors know local laws.

To summarise, if you have been involved in an accident, choose a real qualified solicitor who is experienced in personal injury and practices law where the accident occurred. You will have a more personal experience with an inevitably better outcome.    

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