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On The Road

The MOT test checklist

The dreaded annual MOT might feel like an inconvenience but they’re actually really important. Your MOT test, or Ministry of Transport test,...

Road Accidents: A conflicting version of events

In many instances of road traffic collisions it remains a civilised matter, even when the other party is clearly at fault or has admitted...

Breaking down on the motorway

Breaking down is stressful, especially when traffic is heavy and you’re on the motorway. Should you be unfortunate enough to have this happen...

Maintaining safe and legal headlights

It goes without saying that headlights are an important safety feature of any car and we all know they need to be functional to remain road...

Be bike smart on the road

Did you know that when compared to car drivers cyclists are 63 times more likely to face death or serious injury on the roads? With an increase...

Safe tyres: Under pressure

Having safe tyres that are in good condition on your vehicle improves handling, remains safer and is a legal requirement. This is why it’s...

Dealing with tailgating on the road

Did you know that around half of Northern Ireland’s motorists have admitted to driving too close to the car in front? Tailgating is a major...

The Headrest Test

We help many clients claim for compensation following a car accident year on year and the most common injury type we see is soft tissue damage...

Deliveroo riders injured on NI roads may be entitled to compensation

Gig economy is a hot topic at the moment with the rise of companies such as Uber and Deliveroo. The workforce may not be entitled to standard...

How much is a whiplash claim worth?

Although the number of Whiplash claims is falling year on year, soft tissue neck injury is still the most common injury sustained in a Road...

How to claim after a motorcycle accident

In the majority of instances it is relatively easy to make a claim following an accident whilst riding a motorbike. Unfortunately, there are...

Why to Avoid Third-Party Insurance Companies

When someone is unfortunate enough to be involved in a Road Traffic Accident, the immediate knee-jerk reaction is to wish it resolved quickly in...

Top 5 scenic driving routes in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is known for its cloudy skies brought on by the hilly nature of the terrain, however when clear skies roll in we are certainly...

Deal With A Road Accident Using These 5 Steps

By Northern Ireland's Road Accident Specialists

It is not a pleasant thought but having an idea of how to deal with a car accident is a...

Top tips for driving in icy or snowy conditions

When Sean Bean first said “Winter is Coming” he was only a mile from our Belfast office on the set of Game of Thrones. The actor’s stark...

Case Studies

Gavin's Car Accident Settles for £8,000 (Belfast)

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Laura's Trip Claim Settles for £40,705 (at sea)

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John's Car Crash Claim Settles for £16,250 (Antrim)

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Gavin's Car Accident Settles for £8,000 (Belfast)
Laura's Trip Claim Settles for £40,705 (at sea)
John's Car Crash Claim Settles for £16,250 (Antrim)

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