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Petra visits from University of Manchester on Work Experience

Petra visits from University of Manchester on Work Experience

My name is Petra and I’m about to enter my final year of law at the University of Manchester. Upon finishing my second year of studying, I wanted to push my legal education from beyond the lecture theatre and into the practical working world. I was fortunate enough that Paschal O’Hare Solicitors provided me with the opportunity of a week to learn this side of the law.

A lot of research was involved in order to fully grasp the complexities

Before entering the office, I knew that the field of most interest to me is medical negligence as the cases are rarely the same. In university, we had a lot of cases to learn and so we only considered the basic facts of each one. I had the chance to read real cases and a lot of research was involved in order to fully grasp the complexities of medical conditions and complications that may have arisen. I learnt that in practicing this area of law, although you draft in medical experts, it is important for the solicitor to understand the medical aspect of their client’s case as well as the legal side.


I also had the opportunity to observe client consultations in relation to hearing loss cases. Here, I gained more of an interest beyond medical negligence, and it encouraged me to broaden my curiosities into personal injury law.

Now, I see the real people that are affected

What struck me the most was that before I came to Paschal O’Hare Solicitors, I used to view cases only as a set of facts. Now, I see the real people that are affected. This practical learning experience has taught me the importance of the solicitor-client relationship in obtaining the best possible outcome for the client. This week has taught me how sensitive cases can be and how vital it is for the solicitor to act with not only professionalism but with sympathy and understanding.

This invaluable experience reaffirmed my interest in practicing medical negligence law as well as opening my eyes to personal injury law. I am very appreciative of the team at Paschal O’Hare for accommodating me this week. Now I’m looking forward to returning to Manchester to engage with my lecturers with this new found perspective on the legal discipline.


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We take great pride in the fact that a lot of our clients come back to us time and time again - an indication that we are providing the high level of service that they demand and deserve.

The issue with which I required legal advice was extremely sensitive and emotionally upsetting. My solicitor did everything possible to put me at ease and ensured that I fully understood all the legal implications involved in this situation. I felt fully supported throughout the process and I felt that I received the best advice at all stages.

The support and advice was excellent.

Bronagh from Belfast
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