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Top 3 Most Common Seat Belt Injuries

Top 3 Most Common Seat Belt Injuries

There is no doubt that seat belts are one of the most important vehicle safety devices ever invented. They prevent an astonishing amount of serious injuries in road traffic collisions each and every day in Northern Ireland. However, despite their undoubted benefits, there are situations where seat belts themselves can cause some injury. 

When a vehicle grinds to a halt in the blink of an eye, our bodies are thrust forward at incredible speed. This force is stopped by the seat belt, causing a quick deceleration that is absorbed by certain parts of the body. The result can range from minor bruising to serious injuries like broken bones that can cause pain for many years. The most common areas of the body that are affected by seat belt injuries include:

1. Chest 

Seat belt injuries often impact the chest as well as ribs, resulting in potential fractures and even breaks in the sternum region (which is the bone that runs down the middle of your chest). This is the main region which the seat belt restrains and therefore it takes the brunt of the impact during an accident. As the chest protects your vital organs, it is always prudent to seek medical attention if you feel any soreness or pain in the region. 

2. Shoulders

Another common area that the seat belt can affect during a car accident is the shoulders. It is a complex area of the body as it contains not only ball and joints but also tendons and bones that can be damaged by a seatbelt injury. Additionally, the impact of the accident can tear the soft issue causing significant pain. 

3. Abdomen

The abdomen can sometimes be pressed and impacted by the strong pull of a seat belt. In the event of a car accident, the force of the seat belt can put extreme pressure on your organs. While it typically isn’t the main area of effect, the soft region is exposed and can be very painful if impacted. It is worth consulting a medical professional if you feel any discomfort in this area. 


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