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Top 5 Summer Road Trip Safety Tips 

Top 5 Summer Road Trip Safety Tips 

Summer is nearly here and the roads are getting busier. Seems like everyone is rushing to get a good spot on the beach to soak up all that glorious sun. But before you hit the road, it’s worth taking a moment to consider some of these helpful safety tips to make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible! 

1. Check Your Car

Before heading off, you should take a few minutes to do a few basic checks around your car, it will definitely save you a massive headache if you experience a breakdown on the road. Open the bonnet and check the coolant, engine oil, and screen washing fluid. If you have any spare parts like spark plug or fan belt it is worth putting them in the boot. Also make sure to check the tyre pressure on every wheel. Additionally, it may also be helpful to do a quick clean on the windscreen as well as the inside of the car. Lastly, don’t forget to fill up your vehicle with fuel before you head out. It may seem pretty obvious but an empty gas tank is the #1 reason for roadside breakdowns. 

2. Plan Ahead

Long are the days when we had to use a physical map to plan our trip. But while smartphones and sat navs have made our journeys much easier to navigate, it’s still worth doing a bit of research to prevent any potential issues. Firstly, check what the weather will be like on the day. Additionally, check to see what the traffic conditions are like. Both of these may give you some insight into whether you need to leave a bit earlier. 

3. Always Wear a Seat Belt

It goes without saying that you should always wear your seat belt. It’s not only the law but also the sensible thing to do. The UK government’s road safety campaign “THINK!” revealed that people are less likely to use seat belts on short or familiar journeys. This puts them at serious risk of injury in a crash. So make sure everyone buckles up before you leave the driveway.

4. Don’t Drive Distracted

The roads during the summer are filled with drivers that are distracted. As many as 72% of drivers in the UK have admitted to multitasking whilst at the wheel. It is a serious issue that leads to many car accidents across Northern Ireland. Make sure to avoid eating or drinking, tuning the radio, applying cosmetics, and using your mobile phone while driving.

5. Keep Your Distance 

One of the best ways to avoid getting into a car accident and spoiling your holiday is to keep a safe distance between vehicles. The higher your speed the less time you have to react. The slower your speed the more time you have to react. So make sure to give the driver in front of you plenty of space. 

If you were unfortunate enough to have an accident while on the road this summer, Paschal O’Hare is here to help. Click here to learn more or contact us for a free enquiry. 

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