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All Pain, No Gain - Gym Injury Compensation 

You try to stay healthy by heading to the gym after work.  You start your routine with some dumbbell presses, perhaps go on the rowing...

How to deal with a workplace accident

Employees across the country are entitled to work in a safe environment but unfortunately accidents can happen. If you’re injured in the...

Supporting employees who are deaf or have hearing loss

Guest Blog

We invited Andrea Quinn from the Royal National Institute for...

Hearing loss claims in 6 simple steps

Did you know that we specialise in noise-induced hearing loss claims? It’s also known as industrial deafness and it’s caused by spending too...

What to do if you spot a hazard at work

Under the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 you are entitled to remain safe at work. Due to the benefit of legally compelled risk...

Who can you sue for noise-induced hearing loss?

The simple answer is whoever caused it. We often get asked if it’s possible to claim against specific employers when there is a belief that...

The most common causes of injury at work

Since the mid-1980s there has been a 58% estimated reduction in non-fatal injuries sustained in the work place. We know this from the Reporting...

Younger people can suffer from industrial deafness too

The majority of noise-induced hearing loss claims that we deal with are on behalf of older members of the community. This is because older...

A medic's first aid advice part 4: Choking

Guest Blog

We invited TransMed Services Ltd to advise on dealing with some of the more common injuries resulting from accidents at...

A medic's first aid advice part 3: Strains & Sprains

Guest Blog 

We invited TransMed Services Ltd to advise on dealing with some of the more common injuries resulting from accidents...

A medic's first aid advice part 2: Cuts / Lacerations

Guest Blog

We invited TransMed Services Ltd to advise on dealing with some of the more common injuries resulting from accidents at...

Unexpected accidents and dealing with loss of earnings

Absent of a crystal ball it’s difficult to prepare for being unable to work, and earn, should you become injured. However, if a person is...

A medic's first aid advice part 1: Fractures

Guest Blog

We’re second to none at dealing with the aftermath of an accident at work. We help injured employees pursue compensation...

5 indicators of noise induced hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss doesn’t just happen overnight. It creeps up on you over a number of years following exposure to loud noise,...

The Facts - Accidents at Work

In Northern Ireland, employers have the legal responsibility to keep their employees safe at work. Sometimes, for whatever reason, this duty of...

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