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What can I claim for?

Many people don’t realise that they are entitled to claim for more than just an injury following an accident that wasn’t their fault.


5 Reasons to exercise regularly if you're retired

Many people who are age 65 and over spend 10+ hours sitting or lying down every day. However, as we get older it becomes even more important to...

Common reasons that people don't pursue their compensation

We spend a great deal of time talking with our clients and over the years we’ve noticed some common pain points for people that are...

Unexpected accidents and dealing with loss of earnings

Absent of a crystal ball it’s difficult to prepare for being unable to work, and earn, should you become injured. However, if a person is...

No, you're not too old to claim

We often get asked by older members of our community whether or not there is an upper age limit for claiming for compensation. Our immediate...

Older people get it worse in cold weather

Older people in our community are especially at risk when temperatures drop outside and unfortunately for Northern Ireland, cold weather is a...

Why evidence can make or break your case

Act, Report, Disclose 

If you plan on claiming for compensation after becoming injured because of the fault of another then...

8 Step Guide for Making an Injury Claim

1.    Choose a firm of Solicitors

Choose a solicitor with a reputation for getting the job done professionally and with...

Serious Injury, What to expect from your solicitor

Dealing with a serious or catastrophic injury whether personally or for a loved one is a truly awful thing. The immense emotional burden coupled...

5 Reasons to Choose Paschal O'Hare Solicitors

Are you thinking of choosing a local law firm as your legal representation but you’re not quite sure which? Here are 5 reasons you...

Can Facebook Affect My Claim? 5 Need To Know Tips

According to Mintel, Northern Ireland has 1.4 million Facebook users. With this figure in mind, it comes as little surprise that the social...

3 Reasons to Choose a Local Personal Injury Solicitor

Whether it’s a broken wrist from a slip or whiplash from a car accident, personal injury is seriously inconvenient. There is the pain...

Don't #ClaimShame Sufferers of Personal Injury

It is not uncommon to see sensational headlines condemning what has been labelled “compensation culture”. Such news stories are usually...

We just refined our services

For the first time in almost half a century, we're dedicating all of our resources into specific areas of law. We've changed how we do things at...

Nightclub Injuries - Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Each weekend the streets of Belfast & Northern Ireland come alive as revellers enjoy the vibrancy of the...

Case Studies

Hanna's Slip Accident Settles for £7,500 (Belfast)

Read more

William's Accident at Work Settles for £75,000 (Carrickfergus)

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Sarah's Accident at Work Claim Settles for £6,250 (Lisburn)

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Hanna's Slip Accident Settles for £7,500 (Belfast)
William's Accident at Work Settles for £75,000 (Carrickfergus)
Sarah's Accident at Work Claim Settles for £6,250 (Lisburn)

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With our specially designed app, clients have the option to be updated by their solicitor throughout the entire claim process. You can message us with answers or queries and even attach photographs to help speed up your case. The app is also loaded with a fully functional secure & encrypted document signature feature.

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All initial enquiries are completely free of charge allowing for the opportunity to determine if a claim is possible before committing. Should a claim proceed, our final bill is recovered from the third party's insurers.

"No Win No Fee" is not permitted in Northern Ireland. However, some clients may be eligible for legal aid or legal expenses insurance.


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