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Jack's Work Injury Settles for £20k (Carrickfergus)

Jack's Work Injury Settles for £20k (Carrickfergus)

Jack was employed as a machine operator that worked on a metal die casting machine in Carrickfergus. He worked long hours that were target driven and demanding. Whilst at work at his machine, a new colleague asked for some assistance when his machine stopped working. The company that Jack worked for expected issues to be dealt with by the machine operators and contacting maintenance was a last resort.  

“We are expected to complete 300 good parts in a 12 hour shift.”

Upon inspection, the problem became clear to the experienced Jack. He immediately set the machine to manual mode, a safe setting that allows access to the internal workings of the machine that contains a robotic limb. Jack had noticed a joint-collision had occurred. This is when the robot within the machine fails to mechanise when two liners get stuck and do not get pushed into a die. 

Jack reached into the machine, whilst wearing two pairs of protective gloves to shield his hand from the extreme heat created by the 300 degrees die. He pushed the first liner which moved successfully. He then pushed the second liner when unexpectedly, the robot came to life and pinned his hand to the hot die. The robot trapped jack’s hand for an agonizing 4 minutes, burning through the protective gloves.

Jack suffered a horrific burn to his hand that left him with lack of feeling in part of his hand, and pain in other parts.

Following his injury, Jack’s employer suggested that they blamed him for the work place accident. The company went as far as to show an obscured video of Jack’s accident to other employees as a warning of what not to do. Despite this, Jack and his colleagues knew the reality of when a maintenance ticket goes in, targets are not met and employees are made to feel like they are being an inconvenience.   

Upon recommendation, Jack contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors.

We entered settlement negotiations with the employer’s insurer on behalf of our new client. An initial offer of £10,000 was made which we immediately dismissed. Further negotiation took place and an offer of £15,000 was made.

We accepted the insurer’s offer, when they brought it up to £20,000

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