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Michael's car accident claim settles for £30,000 (Belfast)

Michael's car accident claim settles for £30,000 (Belfast)

Michael was driving to Belfast when another motorist pulled out of a side street and crashed into the driver’s side of his car. The impact was so significant that his door crumpled inward. As a result he suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and back that were consistent with whiplash. He also developed frozen shoulder, an injury that is painful and stiff for many months, sometimes years.

Michael was an accomplished athlete

These injuries were particularly devastating to Michael as he was a world-class athlete who, at the time, was on track to compete in the Commonwealth Games. Due to the frozen shoulder, he was no longer able to train and therefore had no choice but to pull out.

Michael used Google in attempt to find a reputable personal injury solicitor and came across Paschal O’Hare Solicitors. He was particularly impressed with our high number of positive reviews. We took on his case and sent a letter of claim to the insurer of the other driver. Liability was admitted and we sent Michael for an examination by a consultant in order to determine the extent of his injuries. The insurer offered Michael £10,000 in compensation. It was not felt that this covered the intangible loss of Michael’s athletic dream ending prematurely. We issued proceedings and intended to meet the insurer in the High Court.

The High Court is the appropriate court when the level of compensation is over £30,000. The insurer disagreed and submitted a remittal application to have the trial take place in the lesser County Court instead. We did not consent and looked forward to representing Michael in the High Court as planned. However, before this happened the insurer indicated a willingness to meet with us for the purposes of negotiation.

We reached a settlement

We met with the insurer and brought a list of Michael’s athletic achievements with us. After some passionate negotiation, we settled the case in the sum of £30,000.  

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What the NHS says about Michael's injuries

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