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Trevor's Work Accident Settles for £30,000 (Belfast)

Trevor's Work Accident Settles for £30,000 (Belfast)

Trevor was employed as a maintenance fitter with an animal feed production company. Whilst at work he was tasked with a colleague to carry out repairs to a silo bin. He was using an angle grinder to cut steel whilst standing on a ladder that elevated him approximately 2m above the floor of the silo. As he was finishing the cut he held the piece of steel with his right hand and held an angle grinder with his left hand. The ladder slipped and he sustained a laceration to the right hand and wrist area.

He attended A&E where he required surgery to repair the tendons. He was treated in a splint for 12 weeks and had to attend hand therapy for a period of time.

The healed injury still caused problems 

Trevor was able to return to work but noticed limitations in his ability to use his right hand. Specifically, he complained of weakness in his wrist, weakness when extending his thumb and he felt that his pinch grip was not as strong as prior to the accident. His level of dexterity was reduced also. Unfortunately, he experienced difficulties with activities of daily living such as doing up shirt buttons or tying shoe laces.

Trevor contacted Paschal O'Hare Solicitors

Trevor approached us wishing to pursue a claim for compensation against his employer. We sent a letter of claim to his employer’s insurance provider. After investigating the matter, they indicated a willingness to settle the claim but alleged contributory negligence in the sum of 30%. This means the insurance company suggested that Trevor was responsible for almost one third of his accident.

We obtained medical reports

We had Trevor examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and a consultant plastic surgeon. It was felt, and included in a new medical report, that Trevor’s complaints of discomfort, cold intolerance, pain on impact and lack of dexterity were consistent with his injury. The experts believed his level of recovery had reached a plateau and that there was little scope for further improvement in the long term.

We then went on to serve these medical reports on the insurance company and negotiations were opened. They made an offer of £10,000 which we rejected. Subsequent negotiations took place and following quite a bit of determination we settled the case in the sum of £30,000 for Trevor.

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