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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

If you have been working in a job which involves working with hand tools or hand guided tools for more than a few hours a day, you may be risking permanent damage to your hands and arms as a result.

You may have been told that you are suffering from hand arm vibration syndrome, and you will obviously be angry and upset as the symptoms are painful and life changing, but we can help you to understand if your employer has met with their responsibility to protect you against this serious condition and if not, help you decide if you would like to make a claim.

What Is Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, also known as HAVS is a condition caused by the use of hand tools and hand guided tools for long periods within your job, which causes vibration to travel through your hands and arms. Anyone can suffer from it and it causes some serious problems with the function of your hands and arms and causes quite significant pain too.

There are many industries and jobs which use hand tools and some of the jobs that people who suffer from HAVS are:

  • Miners
  • Road builders
  • Construction workers
  • Tree surgeons and forestry workers
  • Foundry workers
  • Ship builders
  • Car builders
  • Mechanics

The HSE think that there are 2 million people who are at risk of contracting HAVS in the future, so it is really very important that these industries protect their workers from this condition.

What Are The Symptoms of HAVS?

Some of the early signs of HAVS are

  • Numbness and tingling in your fingers
  • Not being able to feel things properly with your fingertips
  • When it is cold and wet your fingers go white and then red due to spasm in your blood vessels
  • Not being able to pick things up

If you have any of these symptoms you should see your doctor and speak to your employer about stopping the use of power tools. If you do continue to use them the numbness may become permanent and you may not be able to pick up small objects with your fingers.

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How We Can Help You

We have an experienced team of solicitors waiting to help you to understand if you are able to make a claim for compensation for HAVS. We will explain the process to you in detail and explain your legal position without using complicated legal language either.

Your employer should have done all they can to protect you from getting HAVS, and we will investigate to see if they have fulfilled their responsibilities.

We can advise you on all available options to be able to fund a claim and we will even tell you which one we think is most suitable for you.

As you are a potential client, you will be offered a free initial consolation which will give you the opportunity to talk about your situation, the possibility of making a claim for compensation and to help you feel comfortable with us representing you but you will not be under any obligation to make a claim.

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