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Failed Sterilisation & Vasectomy Claims

Making the decision to have a vasectomy or to be sterilised is one of the biggest you will ever make, and once you have made that decision to go ahead and have the operation you will be sure that your family is complete and you no longer want the option of having children.

So what happens if the procedure fails and you end up with a pregnancy that you did not want? If you are in this position we do understand what a huge impact this will have on your life and how angry, upset and let down you feel. We can help you understand what you legal position is and whether you can make a failed sterilisation claim for compensation.

What happens when a Vasectomy fails?

When you have a vasectomy, the tubes called the vans deferens are cut and sealed either with a clamp, a tie or they are cauterised. This stops any sperm getting into the semen, which prevents pregnancy. The post-operative procedure is to provide two specimens and wait 8 to 12 weeks until there is no sperm present in these samples.

However, sometimes the tubes reconnect or if only one tube is sealed, sperm can leak out and cause issues.

There are a number of techniques that can be used by the surgeon and some of these techniques have a smaller chance of failure than others.

What happens when sterilisation fails?

During sterilisation the fallopian tubes are cut to prevent eggs from the ovaries being able to get the womb to be fertilised by sperm.

Sterilisation is not a very popular procedure is not in the UK, due to a longer recovery time and more invasive surgery compared to a vasectomy.

Sterilisation is immediate, unlike a vasectomy but there is a chance of failure due to the surgery not being completed correctly. This is because, like vasectomies, there is a wide range of techniques used depending on the surgeon.

How can we help with your failed sterilisation or vasectomy claim?

Our firm has been in operation now for over 40 years and we have helped many people like you receive compensation and we can help you too.

We offer everyone a Free Initial Claims Assessment and during this assessment will help you to understand your legal position without using jargon. We can then help you to decide whether you would like to move forward a make a claim for failed sterilisation compensation

Our failed sterilisation solicitors will also talk to you about all of the ways you will be able to fund your claim and give you advise on which one suits you the best.

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