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Ruptured Bowel Claims

Having surgery is a concern for anyone. You will have many things to worry about such as your family, your work and how you will recover following the operation, but you not have considered what will happen should your bowel be ruptured during the surgery.

If this has happened to you, it will have come as a huge shock to find out that your bowel has been ruptured during surgery and you will be trying to understand the impact of what has happened.

If you have suffered a bowel rupture we understand that you may be feeling angry, upset and maybe even a bit embarrassed by the situation. Our solicitors are experts in ruptured bowel claims and will discuss your case with sensitivity and we will help you to understand if you have a claim for ruptured bowel compensation.

Treatment following a bowel rupture

A ruptured bowel is a medical emergency and you will need:

  • To have surgery to repair the tear
  • To have all the faecal matter removed from your body, which will have leaked from the tear
  • You also may get peritonitis, which is a severe infection from the faecal matter
  • You may have to have a colostomy or ileostomy. This is a bag which is connected to your bowel and is sited outside of your body. This will allow your bowel to heal itself.

There can be very serious complications following a bowel rupture including sepsis, which is a very severe infection that can cause death. The speed with which your rupture is treated will affect your chances of getting sepsis.

How can we help with you ruptured bowel claim?

Our firm has been helping clients for over 40 years to receive compensation for their injuries and we can help you too. We will make sure that you achieve the best outcome possible.

You will be invited to have a Free Initial Claims Assessment when we will listen carefully to the details of your case and then talk to you in detail about where you stand legally. We will make sure that you understand what we are explaining as we never use legal jargon.

What will it cost to make a ruptured bowel claim?

We can advise you on all of the options available to you to fund your ruptured bowel claim and we will also tell you which option we think will work for you the best.

Contact us now for a Free Initial 0800 020 9311 and we will arrange a Free Initial Claims Assessment for you.

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