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Occupational Dermatitis and Allergies

Suffering from skin allergies or dermatitis can be very upsetting, especially if these conditions are on visible places on your body. What could be even worse is if your skin condition or dermatitis is caused by being exposed to chemicals whilst at work.

We do understand that you must be upset about your condition but also concerned about the future of your job and what this means for your condition.

What Is Occupational Dermatitis?

Occupational dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin when it comes in contact with a certain substance. It is actually a type of eczema, which causes redness, cracking and sore, dry skin. Generally it happens on the hands but could also happen anywhere where there is contact with the substance which causes the problem.

Occupational dermatitis normally affects people who work in kitchens, hospitals, hairdressers, printers, cleaners and people who work in manufacturing and engineering.

What Causes Occupational Dermatitis?

Some of the things which can cause occupational dermatitis are:

  • Latex rubber in gloves
  • Coolants
  • Oils
  • Dyes
  • Cleaning products
  • Water (frequent contact)

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

If you have been diagnosed with occupational dermatitis then you should make your employer aware of your condition. If you are exposed to things which cause you to have skin allergies your employer should look to see if they can provide you with a safer alternative.

If they cannot do this, they should minimise the amount of exposure to the substance which is causing you an issue. As a last resort they should offer you clothing which will protect you from any exposure to the substance.

If your employer does not help you to try to minimise your exposure to these substances, you may be able to make a claim against them.

Our Experienced Team Can Help You

We can help you to understand if you are able to make a claim for compensation for your skin condition and we will explain the whole process to you in easy to understand language, making sure we don’t use any legal jargon.

There are several different options open to you to help you fund a claim for compensation and we can offer you advice on which one will be most suitable for you to use and also explain why.

We offer all our potential clients the opportunity to come and discuss your case with us, so you can ensure that you feel comfortable with us representing you. This does not mean that you are under any obligation to make a claim though and the meeting is completely free of charge.

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