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Northern Ireland's loudest places to work

Northern Ireland's loudest places to work

Industrial deafness, sometimes called noise-induced hearing loss, is the name given to hearing loss that was contracted in a noisy work environment. Sometimes it’s temporary but all too often it leads to permanent hearing loss. The number of new instances of industrial deafness is thankfully on the decline. This is because employers are now doing more to protect employees’ hearing than they did in the past.

We specialize in hearing loss claims and consequently we often see trends or similarities amongst our clients and their cases. In this blog addition, we’ll share the types of workplace that you have an increased likelihood of contracting industrial deafness.

Factories & Warehouses

Factories and large warehouses are often very loud and filled with clunking machinery that operate around the clock.

Mills & shipyards

Historically, Northern Ireland’s economy was fueled by mills and the shipyard. Just like with factories, they are very loud as a consequence of heavy machinery and tools.

Building sites

You can’t get much louder than a large busy building site. Heavy duty power-tools and industrial vehicles create a very loud environment and the hours can be particularly long.


Working in agriculture doesn’t necessarily mean you spend all day out in a quiet field. Farming vehicles and specialist machinery can be very loud to work around.

Armed forces

Almost every member of the armed forces is trained in the use of loud firearms and ordnance. Some also use specialist equipment you might find in a factory. However, if you served in HM Forces prior to 1987, it’s not possible to claim.    

Emergency services

Our emergency service workers often spend hours every day in vehicles that sound loud sirens. Some are also trained in firearms use. Over time the loud noise can cause irreparable damage.


Some hospitality staff work in very loud environments, particularly where there is live music. The long hours and consistent noise can be very damaging. However, musicians and DJs are usually self-employed, which would mean they’re responsible for providing their own hearing protection.

If you worked in any of the above sectors and have since suffered from hearing loss, you might have industrial deafness. The condition can range from mild tinnitus to complete permanent hearing loss. If you think you have it, we might be able to help you pursue compensation. Click here to learn more about our service or contact us for a free no obligation enquiry.

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