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Excessive Lifting Strain Injury Claims & Compensation

Contact us for a free consultation with a qualified solicitor on claiming for compensation for injuries caused by listing excessive weight at work.

Suffering from back or limb strain because of your job?

In a workplace setting, employers might over-estimate employee’s physical capabilities or fail to provide adequate tools and training needed to handle heavy objects. Often, this results in injuries such as straining the back or limbs. Any employee could potentially become injured if they are expected to lift & carry heavy items such as boxes, building materials or power tools.

Paschal O’Hare Solicitors are work accident specialists and have been helping injured employees recover the deserved compensation for almost 50 years. On top of injury compensation, our team of experts can recover loss of earning, secure medical treatment if required and all other forms of special damages.

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Seymour Major

“Lifting heavy objects over long periods of time can be dangerous and lead to injuries.”

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