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Health And Safety Solicitors Northern Ireland

We are health and safety solicitors delivering expert legal advice to people across Northern Ireland. 

We understand the devastating impact a work injury can have. Our solicitors are ready to help take on your health and safety claim and make sure you get the injury compensation that you deserve.

Our Health & Safety Solicitors Can Help

In Northern Ireland, businesses must follow the Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 which imposes duties on employers to look after your health and safety. This order contains various regulations including the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations (NI) 1993, Manual Handling Operations Regulations (NI) 1992, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (NI) 2000, as well as many others. In essence, all employers owe a duty of care to their employees. If you are injured as a result of your employer’s negligence, you may be able to make a personal injury claim. 

Our solicitors understand the seriousness of Health & Safety breaches. We have extensive experience dealing with complex injuries that happen on construction sites, farms, and even shops. By choosing us, you can rest in the knowledge that your case is with the experts. 

We operate throughout Northern Ireland and can help with wherever your accident took place. 

If you were injured as a result of a health and safety breach, contact us on 0800 020 9311 or visit our offices in Belfast, Glengormley, and Carrickfergus.

Common Health and Safety Issues

Injuries sustained as a result of health and safety issues vary in type and severity. We have extensive experience helping many work accident claims, including: 

  • Dangerous substances
  • Noisy conditions
  • Inadequate protective equipment 
  • Slips, Trip and Falls
  • Unsafe Machinery

This is by no means an exhaustive list, if you suffered an injury as a result of health and safety failures, contact our solicitors by completing our online form. We will contact you as quickly as possible in order to get you the work accident compensation you deserve.  

Who can claim for a health and safety related accident?

You can usually claim for your health and safety related injury if the injury occurred within a 3-year period and a person or company owed you a duty of care. It is important that you report your injury to your employer, as it will be more difficult to pursue an injury claim if you failed to do so. 

Our friendly solicitors will help you navigate through the complex legal corridors of health and safety law, getting you the treatment and compensation that you deserve. If you’re worried about your injuries and require legal advice, speak with one of our solicitors today.

How much construction injury compensation could you receive?

How much compensation you receive for your health and safety related accident is dependent on the injury. Every work injury is different and can range in severity. Our website features a helpful claim calculator that can provide you with a general idea. However, our solicitors would have to speak to you directly in order to accurately determine how much your work compensation claim is worth.

Specialists in health and safety law and regulation

We pride ourselves on being one of the best health and safety solicitors in Northern Ireland. We have been helping people for over 50 years and we’re confident that you can provide you the work accident compensation that you deserve.

Our solicitors are experts in health and safety law and ready to help with your claim. If you have any questions about your injury or health and safety regulations, contact our solicitors today or visit us in our offices in Belfast, Glengormley, and Carrickfergus.

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