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Missed Fractures or Sprains Claims & Compensation

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Orthopaedic medical negligence

Orthopaedic departments in hospitals specialise in problems with bones, joints and ligaments and often they can be both understaffed and overworked. In instances when medical staff fail to recognise broken bones or sprains the injury can be left untreated which can make it much worse. Often, this adds additional time to the patient’s recovery, cause additional pain and create mobility problems, all which could have been avoided.

Paschal O’Hare Solicitors are experts at pursuing medical negligence claims against Orthopaedic specialists who failed in their duty of care to patients. Our team seek to provide compensation for any additional pain or discomfort and reimburse any financial losses such as loss of earnings.

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Caitriona Forde clinical negligence solicitor

Caitriona Forde

“We’re experts in identifying whether mistakes were made by orthopaedic medical professionals. If clinical negligence has occurred we strive to achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible.”

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