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Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland

We are injury solicitors with extensive experience helping victims make motorcycle accident claims in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. Our expert motorbike accident solicitors are able to effortlessly guide you through the entire road traffic accident claims process. 

If you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident in Northern Ireland, our personal injury firm is here to help. When you choose Paschal O’Hare, you’re choosing a firm with a proven track record of success in motorbike accident claims.

Get the compensation you deserve by speaking with our expert motorcycle accident solicitor today.

Top-ranked motorcycle accident solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland

At Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors, we are specialist motorbike accident claims solicitors with over 50 years of experience in Belfast and Northern Ireland. We understand the unique challenges faced by motorbike riders and are committed to providing compassionate, caring, and expert legal assistance for those who have been injured in motorbike accidents.

Motorbike accidents can be particularly devastating, often resulting in severe injuries and significant financial strain for the injured party and their family. Our team of motorbike injury claims specialists will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the motorcycle accident compensation that you rightly deserve, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Our dedication to client satisfaction is second to none, and we are proud to have the highest amount of positive reviews for any personal injury firm in Northern Ireland on Trustpilot. When you choose Paschal O’Hare, you can trust that you are in the hands of experienced motorcycle accident solicitors who will listen to you, hear you, and fight for you. 

We possess the necessary expertise to guide clients through the numerous obstacles that arise from motorcycle accidents. Should you be involved in such an incident in Belfast or anywhere across Northern Ireland, our team of motorcycle accident solicitors is fully prepared to provide you with the assistance you require.

What are the most common motorcycle accident injuries?

Motorbike accidents can lead to incredibly serious injuries due to the lack of protection afforded to motorcycle riders. We have helped motorcyclists claim compensation for a number of different common injuries, including:

  • Soft tissue damage – Soft tissue trauma, such as whiplash, can result in discomfort and movement difficulties.
  • Road rash – These are friction burns caused by sliding on the road, which can be severe and infected. 
  • Groin injuries – These injuries are caused by the collision of the motorbike fuel tank and handlebars can result in bruising, strains and even fractures. 
  • Fractured bones – Due to the lack of impact protection, fractured bones such as broken arms, legs, or ribs frequently occur in motorcycle accidents.
  • Lacerations – Lacerations typically are caused by contact with the road surface or other cars, resulting in different types of cuts.
  • Paralysis – Paralysis from spinal cord injuries which can impact different parts of the body
  • Brain damage – Without a helmet, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) such as concussions or other serious injuries can occur.

If you have questions about your motorcycle accident, please contact our expert motorcycle solicitors. We are here to guide you through the motorcycle accident claims process and provide you with the answers you deserve. 

What are the common causes of motorbike accidents?

Some common contributing factors in motorbike accidents in Northern Ireland include:

  • Driver negligence: Many motorcyclists are involved in accidents with car drivers who don’t properly signal or yield the right of way. We have helped many motorcycles injured by distracted or careless drivers.
  • Speeding: Car drivers who travel at high speeds can have a difficult time spotting drivers, resulting in higher chances of motorcycle accidents particularly on highways and rural roads. 
  • Road conditions: Potholes or uneven road surfaces can destabilise motorbikes and could result in collisions. Cities that don’t properly maintain roads could be responsible for your accident.  
  • Lane Switching – Changing lanes in moving or stationary traffic can be particularly dangerous if done at high speeds or with large vehicles like lorries driving nearby.
  • Car Doors: parked cars can be a significant hazard for motorcyclists as inattentive motorists could open the car door right as you pass by, resulting in motorcyclists being thrown off their bike.  

If you have been injured as a result of these any other reasons, reach out to our solicitors today. We have successfully helped many motorcyclists in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. We’re ready to help.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Motorbike accident claims process

The process for making a claim in Northern Ireland after a motorbike accident typically involves the following steps:

  1. Contacting Paschal O’Hare: once you have received appropriate medical care, contact us as soon as possible after your accident. At this time you will notify us of your injuries and intention to make a claim. The sooner we are involved, the more effectively we can support you and gather evidence.
  2. Consulting with one of our solicitors: We will arrange an initial consultation with you to discuss the details of your accident, injuries and losses. This is an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about your situation, answer your questions and assess your claim. 
  3. Gathering evidence: We’ll gather evidence to support your claim from sources such as police reports, photos, medical records, etc. Our solicitors will use this to build a strong case to maximise your settlement amount.
  4. Negotiate with insurers:  When all evidence has been collected, we will attempt to negotiate a settlement from the liable party’s insurance company. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, our expert motorbike solicitors are fully prepared to take your case to court and represent you accordingly.
  5. Receive compensation: Once a settlement has been agreed, either through negotiation or court proceedings, you will then receive your compensation.

Put your trust in us and we’ll get you the compensation that you deserve. Our client satisfaction and reviews are second to none, with the highest number of 5-star reviews of any personal injury firm in Northern Ireland on Trustpilot. Reach out to our team today and let us show what we can do for you. 

Who can make a motorbike accident claim?

You can claim for a broad range of motorbike injuries in Northern Ireland if the accident wasn’t your fault. The first thing you should do is speak with one of our road traffic accident solicitors, who will gather information like where and when the accident happened and what injuries resulted from the accident. 

Please be aware that according to the law in Northern Ireland, you only have 3 years to claim for your injuries. We would advise that you reach out to our motorbike accident solicitors as soon as possible in order to increase your chances of a successful claim. 

If you are unclear if you can make a motorcycle accident claim in Belfast or elsewhere in Northern Ireland, our personal injury solicitors will be able to help.

How long will my motorcycle accident claim take?

It’s difficult to predict how long a motorbike accident claim may take because the length is closely connected with the complexity of the injury. After speaking with our solicitors as well as medical professionals, we will be able to provide you with an estimate on the length of time your claim may take. 

We always strive to settle motorbike accident claims as swiftly as possible, but we will not settle for less than the full amount that you are owed. We will guide you through the whole legal process here in Northern Ireland in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

As a motorcyclist, you aren’t offered the same protection as other motor vehicles on the road. Even minor motorbike accidents can lead to life-changing injuries. We help riders as well as their passengers claim compensation they deserve. If you have any questions about your motorcycle accident claim, please visit our offices in Belfast, Glengormley & Carrickfergus or call us on 0800 020 9311.

What can I claim for?

The injuries from motorbike accidents are often severe, so you may be able to claim compensation for:

  • Loss of income and future earnings 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Motorcycle damage and repair bills or replacement
    Passenger injuries

Our team of legal experts have helped thousands of people injured in motorbike accidents and will examine and explain the entire process to you. For compassionate, caring and experienced motorbike accident solicitors in Belfast and across Northern Ireland, contact our team at Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors today.

Our solicitors are motorcycle accident claims experts in Belfast and Northern Ireland

As experienced motorbike accident claims solicitors, we know that the aftermath of a motorbike accident can be incredibly difficult. We treat every one of our clients with the respect and understanding they deserve. Our friendly solicitors are here to help you through the motorcycle accident claims from start to finish. We are experts who understand the bigger picture and will aim to provide you with motorcycle accident compensation you deserve.

At Paschal O’Hare, we understand that every motorbike accident claim is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each client. Our team of motorcycle accident solicitors will:

  • Thoroughly investigate your motorbike accident claim
  • Prepare and present a comprehensive case on your behalf
  • Keep you informed every step of the way
  • Organise vehicle repair or replacement
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and other responsible parties
  • Ensure you receive the compensation you deserve

We are a trusted name in the road traffic accident sector and have helped thousands of people recover compensation for their injuries. If you suffered a motorbike injury in Belfast or anywhere else in Northern Ireland, our motorcycle accident solicitors are here to help.

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Real Motorbike Accident Cases

Motorbike accident claims in Northern Ireland FAQ’s

You should contact one of our personal injury solicitors who specializes in motorcycle accident claims as soon as possible after seeking medical attention. They will guide you through the process of claiming compensation which starts with an assessment of the available evidence.

You should always seek medical assistance and report the accident to the police. Don’t speak or sign any settlements offered by any insurance company. You should then reach out to our motorbike accident solicitors who will explain your rights and how you can claim compensation.

Yes, you will likely be able to claim compensation for your injuries if the other party’s at fault due to negligence or illegal behaviour. If you reach out to our team, our solicitors will investigate and offer further advice.

In many circumstances, if you were partially at blame, you can still seek some compensation under the theory of “contributory negligence.” Our solicitors will determine an estimation of responsibility to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents can muddle the compensation claims process. Typically you will have to claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) rather than claim against the other motorists insurer. Our team has helped many motorcyclists through this process and we’re confident that we will be able to help you as well.