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5 reasons to get a dash cam

5 reasons to get a dash cam

When you find yourself in a position where you believe you’re owed compensation there are many things to be considered. One such thing is evidence. The prompt and accurate recording of evidence is especially important when you’re involved in a road accident. This is because there is a risk the other driver will attempt to blame you for a collision even if it was their fault. We published a blog post all about that and it can be found here. One particularly useful ways to gather evidence on the roads is the fitting of a dash cam.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a dash cam.

First-hand evidence

Most dash cams start recording the moment you start the engine. This means should an accident occur there is unedited real-time footage of the events leading up to it. In most cases this is enough evidence to prove liability.

Quiet roads

Country roads and generally quiet streets don’t present opportunity to collect evidence from sources such as independent witnesses and CCTV footage. In absence of these a dash cam is invaluable.

Something you missed

Road accidents can be a traumatic experience and between the suddenness of them and the adrenaline, you might not remember everything that happened. A dash cam can help you recollect what exactly happened

Police requests

You may have noticed that the police often appeal to the public for dash cam footage to aid in their investigations. Unbeknownst to you at the time, you may have vital evidence that can be used bring someone to justice or assist in a missing persons investigation.  

Your defence

A dash cam can help you defend yourself against fraud and false allegations. Although uncommon in the UK and Ireland, there remains potential for a fraudster to leap in front of your vehicle or slam the breaks in order to cause an accident. Should this occur, a dash cam will help you prove your innocence.

Dash cams are widely available and can be relatively cheap in contemporary times. Many newer cars come with them already fitted. If you would like to invest in one we would recommend consulting with a local auto accessories shop or a reputable website. Be sure to read reviews of various dash cams on the market and always shop around for the best deal.

We specialise in pursuing compensation following a road accident. If you were involved in one, with or without dash cam footage, we might be able to help. Learn more about our services here or contact us for a free no obligation enquiry.

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