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Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road user groups in the UK. According to the latest police statistics, nearly 200 motorcyclists are injured each year on roads in Northern Ireland. Those same statistics revealed that there has been a decrease in the number of people killed or seriously injured amongst all the major road user groups with the exception of motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accidents can have life-changing consequences. Whenever motorcycles are involved, injuries tend to be more severe. This is because motorcycles are more exposed than cars, resulting in an increased possibility of serious injury. 

The best way to avoid getting injured is to familiarise yourself with the most common injuries and the best ways to avoid them. We put this list together in order to help you with this process and offer ways to take precautions. 

Head Injury

Head injuries are the most common and devastating injury associated with motorcycle accidents. Many individuals involved in motorcycle accidents experience concussions, fractures, and closed head injuries. Additionally, severe trauma can cause the brain to swell which can lead to a number of different health issues.

It goes without saying that if you ride a motorcycle you should always wear a helmet. Helmets provide the only head protection when you’re on the road. Those that wear a helmet are significantly less likely to experience head injuries, including traumatic brain injury, compared to those that don’t wear a helmet. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, head injuries can be lethal, so you should always seek medical attention.

Road Rash

Road rash occurs when a motorcyclist is thrown off their bike and slides across the pavement. Injuries can be quite varied from painful bruising and scrapes to severe skin damage leading to exposed muscles. Those that suffered from this injury experience healing time from weeks to potentially years depending on the severity of the injury.  

Motorcycles don’t offer their riders the same level of protection as cars. This is why they need to take matters into their own hands and ensure that they wear the proper protection required. That means a full-face helmet, jacket, motorcycle-specific riding boots, riding gloves, and strong motorcycle trousers are a must!   

Groin Injuries 

Did you know that 13% of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents affect the groin area? Because of the close proximity and raised nature of the gas tank, the groin is typically the first area of the body that is affected when an accident takes place. Many serious accidents involve scrotal and bladder lacerations as well as pelvic fractures. 

One of the best ways to avoid these types of injuries is to change your posture. Studies have shown that leaning forwards increases the severity of an injury while leaning back tends to lessen the severity. 

Bone Fractures

More serious accidents result in more serious injuries like fractured bones. When motorcyclists are involved in a road traffic accident, they are typically thrown off their motorbikes and often collide directly with the ground or a hard object. Under these circumstances, suffering from a broken leg alongside wrist and ankle fractures is therefore very common. 

Certain injuries can be avoided by wearing the right safety equipment like a helmet, jacket and gloves. Additionally, it might also be useful to drive defensively by slowing down and watching out for distracted drivers. 

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