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Top tips for driving in warm and sunny conditions

Top tips for driving in warm and sunny conditions

Every responsible motorist knows that cold weather can take a toll on the car but did you know that hot weather can cause an equal amount of damage or safety reduction? Failing to maintain a vehicle in the heat can cause more headaches that go beyond an uncomfortable sweaty back or hot leather seats.

We have compiled our top tips for reducing both road accidents and general inconvenience. 

Check your tire pressure

Warmed tires are actually better to drive on but pressure can become an issue. Tires expand when hot which means you may need a little more pressure than usual to keep them at a safe level.

Top up on fluids

You need to stay hydrated when it’s warm outside and so does your car. Remember to check all of the vehicles fluids but most especially the coolant and oil.

Keep the interior cool  

A comfortable drive is a safer one. Double check the air-conditioning is working correctly before commencing your journey. If you’re driving slower, rolling the windows down might also keep your car feeling cooler. You might also want to invest in a windscreen sunshade to help keep your car a little cooler before use.

Mind your eyes

On a hot and sunny day driving into the sun can be really dangerous. Statistics show that sun dazzle is responsible for around 2,500 car accidents a year in the UK. Ensure you have appropriate sunglasses or sunshades to provide a safer experience for yourself and other road users. 

Check the battery

Older car batteries can take a beating when it’s really hot. You should get your battery serviced before being stuck before or even during a journey.

Take care of your passengers

The last thing you need is passengers beginning to feel unwell because of a hot clammy car. Advise your passengers to wear light clothing and if you’re a really great motoring host you might even consider freezing some bottled water to hand out later. Also, and it goes without saying, don’t leave your pet waiting in the car when it’s hot.

Take care of yourself

Road vehicles are dangerous in the wrong hands and you’re obliged to ensure you’re the best version of yourself when taking to the roads. Watch out for symptoms of heat exhaustion such as feeling faint, nausea, cramping and increased sweating.

If you take the right precautions, driving on a warm summer day can be a real joy. So sit back, turn up the radio and have a safe journey.

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