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When Should I Start My Car Accident Claim in Northern Ireland?

There’s a lot to consider after a car accident in Northern Ireland. Do you need to see a doctor, find a replacement vehicle, perhaps even take time off work? Some even start thinking about speaking to a solicitor about their situation. But when is the best time to start your claim? We believe the sooner you speak to a solicitor the better, and we’re here to explain why. 

Time Limits

It is important to start the process early because you have a limited window to begin a car accident claim. Typically, you have up to 3 years from the moment you became aware of your injury or illness. The courts have on rare occasions extended it beyond 3 years, but it is typically due to exceptional circumstances. 

Once you begin your claim, you will have unlimited time to conclude it. 

Gathering Evidence

Starting your claim quickly will allow us to begin gathering evidence on your behalf. This is critical to the claims process, as it will prove that your car accident caused your injuries. 

We will be able to access videos and get medical and police statements quickly. Additionally, because it can sometimes be difficult to find witnesses, you’ll give yourself more time for us to find people who could shed some light on what happened.

Memories fade quickly, and it’s important to speak with a solicitor who will be able to get as much detail as possible. Knowledge is power and the more information you can give, the better chances you have at succeeding. 

Choose the Right Solicitor

We recommend that you speak with a solicitor of your own choosing when you become aware of your injuries. There are a lot of solicitors across Northern Ireland, and you should do your research and check their customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of their representation. You deserve nothing but the best, so don’t settle on any ordinary firm.

It is important to find a solicitor that you’re comfortable with and meets your requirements. Sometimes insurers will pressure you to use one of their recommended solicitors or accept an early offer. This sort of unwelcomed coercion can even come from your own insurer. We explained why this is bad for you in a past blog. It’s always best that you speak with an independent solicitor that will provide you with independent advice. 

Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors has been helping people involved in car accidents for over 50 years. If you need someone to fight in your corner and get you the result you deserve, learn about our services or reach out today.


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