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Deal With A Road Accident Using These 5 Steps

Deal With A Road Accident Using These 5 Steps

It is not a pleasant thought but having an idea of how to deal with a car accident is a sure way to deal with one in an efficient and calm manner, should the need arise. As they say, better to be safe than sorry. By taking the right steps immediately after an unfortunate accident, you should be back behind the wheel in no time.

Here are those steps:

1) STOP!

Even if the accident was minor, you must stop. Activate your hazard lights and assess your situation. 

2) Report

Now you’re assessing. If anyone is injured call 999 (or 101 if non-emergency). The police should also be called if you suspect any criminal offence has been committed or the accident is obstructing a road.

3) Collect

You are obliged to give your name and address to anyone involved in the accident. You should also collect the same information from the other parties. Do not admit liability. If safe to do so and you own a camera phone, take as many photographs and videos of the scene as you can.

4) Prepare

Who is your solicitor?

Know who you’re going to call BEFORE you get in an accident to simplify things should the worst happen.

Save this 24/7 number in your phone contacts now - 0800 020 9311

Contact your solicitor as soon as possible, even before you tell your insurance provider. Choose a law firm like Paschal O’Hare Solicitors that can act as your one stop shop for getting you back on the road. Your chosen solicitors should be able to take care of repairs, replacement vehicles and injury claims if required.

Now that your solicitor is involved it is their job to guide you through the complexities of being involved in a Road traffic Accident. If you’re eligible, Paschal O’Hare Solicitors can even get your car repaired or replaced for free.

For example - The guidance might include:

  • Contact your insurance provider.
  • Visit a GP if it is required (Some injuries won’t manifest for days).
  • Do not speak with claims management companies. 
  • Do not speak directly with insurers representing other parties - This is called Third-Party Capture and you can learn more about it here.
  • Do not allow yourself to be pressured by your own insurer to take actions that benefit them rather than you.

A solicitor is a legal professional and can offer a more streamlined and professional service than a claims management company. Remember, it is free to contact Paschal O'Hare Solicitors for an enquiry and if the accident was not your fault, you keep 100% of the damages awarded to you.

5) Calm

Involvement in a road accident is a truly awful thing. Try your best to remain calm and focus on your physical and mental recovery.

Some road traffic accidents are unavoidable, and others can be entirely avoided. Reduce the risk by remaining vigilant at all times and never use a road in an unsafe manner.

Paschal O'Hare Solicitors are Road Traffic Accident compensation specialists. If you were involved in an accident, click here to learn more about our services or contact us for a free discussion on how we can help you. 

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