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No, you're not too old to claim

No, you're not too old to claim

We often get asked by older members of our community whether or not there is an upper age limit for claiming for compensation. Our immediate answer to that question is no. Older people have the right to the same access to justice that everyone else does and it worries us that people as young as 60 to those in their 90s are not aware of this. We're passionate about this which is why we were finalists in the Best Age-Friendly Business category of the Belfast Business Awards. Learn more about that here.

We’ve compiled some guidance and information to help dispel myths or inaccuracies regarding claiming for older people.

Can mobility issues make claiming more difficult?

Mobility issues are a natural part of getting older. Unfortunately, due to factors such as illness, this is worse for some more so than others. We streamline our services as much as possible to make claiming as comfortable as possible for all clients, but especially for clients with mobility concerns. We’re able to manage cases from a distance whilst communicating through telephone calls, email, post and app messaging. Clients don’t even have to visit our office to sign documents as we can accommodate paperwork through post and our app.  

Hearing loss claims: What if my deafness is a natural part of ageing?

Many of our noise-induced hearing loss clients have worked in loud environments for years and have either retired or are approaching retirement age. It is true that hearing loss is a natural part of getting older however excessive noise is a common cause of deafness. Some older people might be put off seeking compensation because they believe their employer or former employer will just say they’re getting older. Well, fortunately audiologists can identify whether hearing loss was caused by ageing or loud noises and with a little help from HMRC and a schedule of employment we can work out when the damage was likely caused. You can learn more about our industrial hearing loss claims service here

Is it too late to claim?

It is true that there are certain time parameters for someone wishing to claim for an injury or industrial disease. People generally have three years in which to begin the legal process and upon learning this many older people think they ran out of time. However, the time frame only begins upon being diagnosed with the ailment, even if it occurred decades prior. This is often the case with noise-induced hearing loss because it can take a while for the damage to fully manifest itself.

Can a loved one help an older person claim?

We often have the children or other loved ones of older people contact us on their behalf. In some cases this is because the older person now lacks the capacity to make important legal decisions because of illness. When this happens a litigation friend can be appointed to manage the case on behalf of the loved one. However, even when there is capacity, we will still primarily deal with the loved one should it be so desired.

Claiming for compensation can be fairly complex and individuals considering litigation usually have a lot of questions. We’re well practiced and our solicitors are experts in their field who would be delighted to provide some answers. If you want to know more about claiming you can do so for free through our enquiry form here.

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