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Common reasons that people don't pursue their compensation

Common reasons that people don't pursue their compensation

Did you know that only 25% of people entitled to compensation will pursue a claim?

We spend a great deal of time talking with our clients and over the years we’ve noticed some common pain points for people that are considering claiming but remain uncertain. We’ve compiled a list of client’s more common causes of hesitance along with how we addressed them and put their mind at ease.

“I thought my case was too small or not worth pursuing”

It is true that not all potential cases are worth pursuing but this should be advised upon by a professional solicitor who is used to weighing up the many factors involved in the claims process. We offer free initial consultations for this very purpose.

“I can’t afford a lawyer”

There are various ways to fund a case including legal aid, after the event insurance and more. What you qualify for is unique to the individual case and we can explore options together during our free initial consultations.

“I’m not good with paperwork”

Thankfully, we are good at paperwork. As a policy, we ensure our clients understand all of the paperwork involved, inside and out. We simplify the process as much as possible and even allow optional digitally signed documents. In the rare occasion that confusion persists we are more than happy to spend more time explaining what any document means and why it’s important.  

“The insurance company offered me money and said solicitors complicate things”

This is known as third-party capture and consequences of it are so severe that there have been calls on the Northern Ireland Executive to request an investigation into the practice by the Financial Services Authority. We view this practice as unethical and discuss it in more detail here.

“I think my accident happened too long ago”

It’s still possible to claim if the accident happened within a period of three years. In some instances where the symptoms present themselves later, such as when claiming for an industrial disease, the three year period starts at the point of diagnosis. The rules differ for children too. Instead, the three year time parameters begin 3 years after the child’s 18th birthday.

“I’m too old to claim”

To put it simply, you’re not. Older people have the same right to access to justice as anyone else. We represent many older people in our community.  We're passionate about this which is why we were finalists in the Best Age-Friendly Business category of the Belfast Business Awards. You can learn more about claiming for older people here.

“I think I was part to blame for my own accident”

Even if you believe you are part to blame for an accident it may not be the case. One of our solicitors can listen to your individual story and advise on who is likely liable. It is true that in some instances there may some contributory negligence. However, it might still be worth pursuing the claim even though the amount in compensation would be smaller.

“It takes too long to claim”

The length of time from initial enquiry to the settling or winning of a case can vary depending on factors such as how complex the case is, the type of injuries sustained and even how busy the courts are. The reality is that claiming can take anywhere from a couple of months to many years. Understandably however, pursuing compensation isn’t something we would recommend rushing as it’s important to get it right. Despite the realities of claiming, our clients are often pleasantly surprised at how little effort they needed to invest in claiming whilst we progressed with their case in the background. If you do decide the compensation isn’t worth the wait it’s important to remember that you may not have time to change your mind later.

Did we address your own cause of hesitance in this blog post? If the answer is no, get in touch and we’ll see if we can alleviate any worries you might have about claiming for the compensation that you deserve. You can arrange a free consultation here.

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