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Greg’s Bus Accident Settles For £8,000 (Belfast)

Greg was involved in an accident while travelling on a bus on Victoria Street in Belfast. A car veered into the bus’ lane, causing a collision. Greg was thrown off his chair against the seat in front, striking his knees and falling to the floor. 

He was in a lot of pain and decided to see a doctor. They found that he suffered contusional injuries to his knees and a straining injury to his neck.

Greg reached out to our bus accident solicitors 

Greg contacted Paschal O’Hare after seeing one of our online ads. One of our solicitors was allocated to the case and immediately started to gather evidence.  Our solicitors sent a letter of claim to the insurers who obtained CCTV from inside the bus and eventually conceded liability. We obtained a medical report which gave a prognosis period of 12 months for recovery.

We entered into negotiations and reached a settlement of £8,000 which Greg was pleased with. If you were involved in an accident on a bus in Belfast or anywhere else in Northern Ireland, contact our personal injury solicitors. We have been helping injury victims for over 50 years. Learn about our services or contact us today.


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