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Harry’s accident at work settles for £200,000 (Newry)

Harry was involved in a serious work accident when he was employed as an IT Engineer for a company in Newry. He was asked by his employer to assist an external company who had been brought in to recalibrate industrial scales. The base had been lifted up and as it was being lowered down again, it came down on his hand. The scales weighed around 300Kg and Harry had never been trained for the task, nor was there any equipment in place to lift or prop up the scales. 

He was rushed to hospital as he sustained a crushing injury to his hand and fingers which resulted in the amputation of his ring finger.

Harry contacted our expert work accident solicitors 

Harry was concernd about his injuries and he decided to contact Paschal O’Hare. After speaking to him on the phone, Partner Seymour Major said that he could assist him with his case. 

We sent a letter of claim to the insurers of Harry’s employer who originally tried to blame the contractor who had been brought in to recalibrate the scales. We obtained numerous medical reports from a Plastic Surgeon, Hand Therapist and Consultant Psychiatrist. It was determined that Harry would be unlikely to ever regain full grip strength and he was also diagnosed with PTSD resulting from the accident. 

Seymour issued proceedings, defence reports, and reports from our own expert were obtained. There was a dispute about whether Harry would have a future loss of earnings claim as the other side argued that their medical evidence illustrated that he should be able to return to full-time employment in the future. We argued that his role involved a physical element and whilst he was working part-time, he suffered from hand fatigue which prevented him from doing the hours he would have done previously.

The case was set down for hearing and eventually shortly before the trial we were able to negotiate a settlement in the sum of £200,000.

We have been helping injured people like Harry for over 50 years. We are personal injury experts that make sure our clients recieved the attention and compensation that they deserve. If you’ve been injured in a work accident, find out how we can help or contact us today. 


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