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roof accident claim in Larne

John’s work accident settles for £15,000 (Larne)

John was involved in a work accident when he was employed as a dispatch operator in Larne. The accident occurred when he was sliding a roof closed.  Normally the roof can be closed from the inside; however, this one was proving difficult to close and he was using a hook to close it from the outside. Whilst he was doing so, the hook came out of the section it was holding onto, causing him to fall and twist his ankle. 

It was recommended by the Health and Safety team that the task should not be done this way in the future.

John reached out to our work accident solicitors 

John didn’t know what to do, so he spoke with one of our solicitors over the phone. We advised that we could assist him. Our solicitors immediately sent a letter of claim and liability was admitted. Medical evidence was obtained that confirmed the client sustained a lateral malleolar fracture of his right ankle. He had to wear an air cast boot for 8 weeks. The Consultant gave a prognosis of 18 months for full recovery from the injury. 

Initially, an offer of £12,500 was made. We managed to negotiate a final settlement of £15,000 which John was happy with. 

If you were involved in a work accident in Northern Ireland, our solicitors are here to help. We are work accident specialists with over 50 years of experience. Learn more about our services or contact us directly to start your claim.


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