work accident on boat in belfast

John’s work accident settles for £37,500 (Belfast)

John was involved in a serious work accident when he was employed as a boatman in Belfast. The accident occurred when he was tasked with cutting a lifebelt from a bar in the water. His colleague was driving the boat and didn’t steady it properly and when a current came along. The boat started to swing, causing the rope to tighten and his hand holding a knife to jolt. This resulted in the knife slicing through his hand.

He attended the hospital where his wound was sutured, however he was left with difficulties with his grip and a 6.5 cm scar down his wrist.

John reached out to our work accident solicitors in Belfast

John was concerned about his injured and decided to reach out to our Belfast office to discuss making a work accident claim. He spoke with solicitor Seymour Major, who took on his case. 

The Defendants initially denied liability, stating that he was an experienced employee and was using a knife that was too big for the task. We countered by saying that the management were aware of the knife that he carried, and that at no point was he ever instructed not to use this. Furthermore, the knife that was provided for the task was too small to cut through the rope. He also wasn’t provided with armoured gloves for the task.

We obtained a report from a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and a Consultant Psychiatrist, who advised that he would be left with permanent scarring and a depressive adjustment disorder that could last up to 2 years. We issued High Court proceedings, and the Defendants obtained defence reports from their relevant medical experts that were largely in keeping with our own.

The other side lodged their defence. However, eventually they agreed to enter into settlement discussions and the case was settled for £37,500.

If you were involved in a work accident in Belfast, our solicitors are ready to help. Learn more about our services or reach out to our team today. 


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