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Kate’s car accident settles for £25,000 (Portadown)

Kate was involved in a car accident when she was passing through Portadown. She was driving when a third party drove through a red light and collided with her. Kate sustained soft tissue injuries to her face, chest wall, back and torso. She experienced issues with teeth falling out later on down the line and also was psychologically impacted by the accident.

Kate reached out to our car accident solicitors 

The third party insurers admitted liability and before we were instructed. They initially reached out to her to try and deal with the matter directly. She did not, however, pursue it at the time but with some encouragement from a friend to contact us to deal with the matter. 

Our solicitors arranged for her to be medically examined by a Consultant in A & E Medicine. They attributed 18 months of pain in her injured areas to the accident. He suggested a specialist dental report be obtained. The dental expert concluded that the loss of teeth did not relate directly to the accident but that the accident may have loosened them a bit more prematurely than they would have been. We also had her examined by a Consultant Psychiatrist. They concluded that she suffered initial post-traumatic Stress disorder for approximately 8 months followed by residual travel anxiety for up to 18 months.

Our skilled solicitors managed to negotiate a settlement of £25,000 which Kate was happy with.

If you or someone you know was involved in a car accident, learn about how we could help or reach out to us today. 


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