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Oscar’s car accident settles for £29,200 (Belfast) 

Oscar was involved in a car accident on Saintfield Road in Belfast. He was driving when suddenly a vehicle driven turned across his path and struck the front of our his vehicle. 

An ambulance attended the scene and Oscar was taken to A&E after describing pain around his sternum, pain in his thumb, and whiplash injuries. He was informed that he had fractured his sternum and his left thumb.

Oscar reached out to our car accident solicitors for help

Oscar completed the contact form on our website and he was contacted by one of our solicitors. We sent a letter of claim to the Third Party insurer and liability was admitted. Oscar’s vehicle was heavily damaged and he did not have comprehensive insurance, so we agreed the costs of the vehicle repair with the Third Party insurer, and this payment was made a few months after the case began. We arranged for Oscar to see a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who determined that Oscar’s fractured sternum and thumb should heal within 12 months without permanent residual issue.

Our solicitor served the medical evidence on the insurance company, who made an initial offer of £10,000 for our Oscar’s injuries. We advised Oscar that this figure was very low for his injuries. We explained that we felt we could negotiate a much higher figure. Our solicitor contacted the insurer and explained that this offer was not reasonable, and explained that if court proceedings were to be issued, this matter would fall within the jurisdiction of the High Court. We referred the insurer to the relevant court guidance and by the end of the conversation, they agreed with my valuation of the injury. 

The case was referred to the insurer’s senior management team. They authorised settlement for a gross sum of £29,200, with £25,000 for Oscar’s injuries and £4,200 for vehicle damage. He was very happy to accept this offer.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Belfast, reach out to our solicitors. We have been helping people receive the compensation they deserve for over 50 years. Learn more about how we can help or contact us today.


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