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Rachel’s Shopping Centre Accident Settles for £17,500 (Carrickfergus)

Rachel was injured when she was visiting a shopping centre in Carrickfergus. She was entering a local centre when the automatic doors shut suddenly, striking her on the left arm and shoulder. She reported the matter in store and attended the Royal Victoria Hospital for her injuries.

Rachel reached out to our personal injury solicitors in Carrickfergus 

Rachel contacted Paschal O’Hare after noticing our Carrickfergus office. Our solicitors quickly established that we could assist in bringing a claim for compensation arising out of the incident.

A letter of claim was directed to the occupier of the premises, setting out Rachel’s allegations. An admission of liability was secured within 3 months.

We arranged for Rachel to be examined by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Our solicitors gathered Rachel’s hospital notes along with GP notes and records and provided these to the Consultant. Rachel was suffering from shoulder pain as a  result of the accident, the medical report documented the reduction of Rachel’s recreational activities as a result of his injury.  The Consultant was of the view that Rachel was suffering from a frozen shoulder and attributed a prognosis of 18 months recovery time to the accident.

Our solicitors entered into negotiations with the third party insurer. An initial offer of  £7,500 was made, which was rejected. Following a period of negotiation, we were able to secure a settlement figure of £17,500 which Rachel was happy with.

If you’ve been injured in a shopping centre anywhere across Northern Ireland, reach out to our injury solicitors. We’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve. 


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