pedestrian accident in car park

Alice’s pedestrian accident settles for £200,000 (Belfast)

Alice was involved in a serious pedestrian accident in Belfast. On the date of her accident, she was walking through a carpark in a shopping centre when she was struck by a taxi. 

Paramedics were called and she was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital. Doctors examined her and determined that she required surgery on her elbow and pelvis.  Her injuries were so serious that she spent just over a month in hospital. 

Alice contacted our pedestrian accident solicitors 

Alice was concerned about her injuries. After hearing our radio ad and speaking to a friend who recommended our services, Alice decided to reach out to Paschal O’Hare Solicitors.

Seymour Major, a partner at our firm, represented Alice. He sent a letter of claim to the third-party insurers who then passed the matter to their solicitors. Their solicitors denied liability; however, the taxi driver was subsequently convicted of careless driving causing grievous bodily injury and liability was subsequently admitted. 

Our solicitor obtained a number of medical reports. They revealed that Alice had to have metal plates and screws inserted in her elbow and pelvis and she was given a prognosis of 18 months for recovery. It was anticipated that she would have some long-lasting pain and discomfort as well as permanent scarring in these areas. She also suffered a bony injury to her right knee with a recovery period of 12-15 months given for this.

Seymour issued High Court proceedings. Discussions then took place, and he negotiated a figure of £200,000 which Alice was happy with. 

Our pedestrian accident solicitors have been helping injury victims in Belfast and across Northern Ireland for over 50 years. If you’ve been injured, learn more about our services or contact us by completing our online form.


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