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Aoife’s car passenger injury claim settles for £12,000 (Belfast)

Aoife was a backseat passenger in a taxi travelling through Belfast. During her journey, the driver continued through a set of traffic lights that were displaying amber.  Unfortunately, another car at the junction also went through their own amber lights and a collision ensued. As a result of the car crash, Aoife was left with a knee injury and whiplash.

Aoife contacted Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors

Aoife, realising she was entitled to compensation, began researching well regarded personal injury law firms in Belfast. She came across our firm and was particularly impressed by our large number of online reviews. She contacted us and we took on her case. We had our new client examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who provided us with a report detailing the injuries and how long they would take to recover from.

We sent a letter claim to both parties involved in the crash who both denied liability for causing the accident. Solicitor, James Tracey, invited both driver’s representatives to discuss the matter. He put it to them that it may remain uncertain who was at fault, but that we could all agree that our client, a backseat passenger was definitely not to blame for the collision. This was accepted by all parties and one of the defendants agreed to settle in the amount of £12,000 on a without prejudice basis. This means that if their client is eventually found to be at fault, they will have already paid out Aoife’s compensation. However, should the other driver be found to be at fault, they will reimburse the other insurer.

By dealing with the claim in this manner, we ensured a speedy result for our client who no longer needed to wait idly whilst third parties argued over issues of liability.

If you were injured as the passenger in a car like Aoife, learn more about our service or contact us for a free no obligation discussion on how we can help you too.

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