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Gavin’s car accident claim settles for £8,000 (Belfast)

Gavin was driving along a main road in Belfast when another car pulled out from a side road and crashed into his passenger side. The force of the impact caused so much damage that Gavin’s car was declared a write off. Thankfully at the time, he was in the car alone and was wearing his seatbelt. As a result of the accident Gavin suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and shoulders, symptoms consistent with whiplash. He underwent an intensive course of physiotherapy and also attended a chiropractor. Given the nature of his work, which is quite manual, he required 3 months off on sick leave.

Gavin contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors

Gavin approached us with the view to claim for compensation and we sent a letter of claim to the other driver’s insurer. Liability for the accident was accepted at this early stage. We had Gavin examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who indicated in a medical report that his injuries should resolve in a year. We entered negotiations with the insurer and agreed upon a settlement figure of £8,000.

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What the NHS says about Gavin’s injury



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