Stephen’s Work Accident Settles for £75,000 (Ballymena) 

Stephen was involved in an accident when he was working as a production operative in Ballymena. He was unstrapping a pallet that had a steel frame on top of it. When he took the last strap off, the pallet came down and fell onto his foot, crushing his foot and toes. It had been overloaded and was extremely heavy. 

Stephen attended Causeway Hospital where it was determined that he had suffered 3 fractured toes. He was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital for surgery and insertion of a plate into his great toe. He was reviewed afterwards and it was determined that his 2nd toe was not viable. His toe required amputation.

Stephen reached out to our work accident solicitors for help

Stephen searched for the best work accident solicitors in Northern Ireland and he reached out to our firm. 

Our solicitors sent a letter of claim to his employers and after a period of investigation, the insurers admitted liability. We obtained reports from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Consultant Psychiatrist who set out how Stephen’s hobbies of football etc… had been affected. The Orthopaedic Consultant concluded after a review appointment with Stephen that he had developer arthritis in his great toe and he would expect that his condition will deteriorate slowly. He confirmed he expected him to have mild discomfort in his left forefoot permanently with a slow deterioration in the medium to long-term. The Consultant Psychiatrist diagnosed him with an Adjustment disorder complicated by development of a moderate depressive episode arising from his injuries.

Initially, the insurers made an offer of £40,000 to settle the case. We were eventually able to negotiate a figure of £75,000.

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