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Gareth’s accident at work claim settles for £90,000 (Belfast)

Gareth was working as a handy-man making some repairs to a roof space. One of his colleagues was physically in the roof space handling an angle grinder as Gareth stood on the floor below. Unfortunately, the other handy-man lost his grip of the power tool and it fell to the ground striking Gareth’s foot, leaving ghastly lacerations.

Gareth required surgery and further treatment

Despite surgery and best efforts by doctors little could be done to relieve the pain that Gareth was suffering from. It was determined that he had developed a poorly understood condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) which causes severe long lasting pain. Tragically, this meant that the only way to subdue the pain was through the amputation of two toes.

Catherine Logue takes on the case

Gareth contacted us with hopes of pursuing a claim for an accident at work and Catherine became his solicitor. Due to CRPS being a relatively mysterious condition, claiming for compensation can become complex. It was believed that it was a psychosomatic condition, meaning all in the mind, but recent research has shown this to not be the case. Catherine had her new client examined by a leading expert in pain management who then supplied us with a medical report to be used as evidence. She then issued proceedings against the employer who accepted liability. After some back and forth negotiation, Catherine settled the case and Gareth was awarded £90,000 in compensation. Only one year had passed from serving proceedings to settlement, an impressive feat on Catherine’s part given the vast complexities of claiming for CRPS.

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What the NHS says about Gareth’s injuries

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome



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