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Karl’s accident at work brain injury claim settles for £50,000 (Dublin)

Karl was working as a self-employed electrician who had a contract to work on the refurbishment of a large department store in Dublin. Whilst on the job, he had to work on some lights on the ceiling and as a result, he needed to be up a ladder.

Normal practice for working at heights requires someone to stand at the foot of the ladder so there was a junior worker assisting Karl with this. The worker was asked to pass something up to Karl.  Unfortunately as he did this, the junior worker stood on the ladder’s support bar and caused it to collapse.

Karl hits his head as he falls

As the ladder collapsed, Karl fell and hit his head on a rung on the way down to the floor which knocked him unconscious. He was taken to hospital in Dublin by an ambulance where he was diagnosed with a bleed on his brain and a fractured rib.

Although his brain injury did not require surgery and Karl was discharged from hospital a few days after his accident, he suffered from post-concussion symptoms which consist of migraine, memory complaints and some mild changes in personality.

Karl contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors to enquire about claiming compensation. Although this firm does not usually operate in the Republic of Ireland, due to special circumstances we were able to assist Karl. We contacted the company he had been working for who admitted responsibility for his accident and we started to value Karl’s injuries using reports we commissioned from various medical experts.

We settled Karl’s case

Due to the nature of his injuries, Karl was unable to work for a period of nine months but thankfully after this time his symptoms had mostly resolved and he was able to start working again. We entered into negotiations with the other party and Karl’s claim settled for £50,000.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury through a work accident or medical negligence, contact us for a free no obligation discussion on how we can help you too.

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