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Sean’s Work Accident Settles for £58,000 (Glengormley)

Sean was involved in a work accident when he was employed as a galvaniser in a Glengormley factory. During the course of his employment, he was unloading a flatbed trailer which was 40ft long. He removed a number of pallets using a forklift truck. He got out of his vehicle to check the fourth pallet which he had removed. Whilst he was doing this, a piece of metal, which had been left lying on top of the load, toppled off and struck him on the inside of the right knee. He fell to the ground and was in severe pain. 

Sean went home and went to the Royal Victoria Hospital the following day. He was referred to the Hot Knee Clinic but as he could not get through, he decided to attend Belfast Knee Clinic on a private basis. He underwent an MRI scan and was advised that he had ruptured his ACL ligament and injured his meniscus. He was advised that he would require surgery.

Sean contacted our work accident solicitors 

Sean instructed this firm to pursue compensation against his employer. A letter of claim was sent to the insurers for the Defendant to which they did not reply. Accordingly, High Court proceedings were issued. Medical reports were obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon with a speciality in knee injuries. This report confirmed that Sean sustained an ACL injury which was ruptured with a medial meniscal tear and bone bruising to the posterior-lateral aspect of his tibial plateau. He underwent ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation.

A subsequent report reviewing historical records confirmed the nature of the injury, but rehabilitation was incomplete. Sean was advised not to return to any form of contact sport until he was fully rehabilitated. It was further felt that he would require surgery to remove a screw which was causing irritation.

The Defendant subsequently invited negotiations in this case. Quantum was initially agreed in the sum of £55,000 and an additional £3,000 was subsequently agreed to cover the cost of the future surgery. Sean was delighted with the outcome.

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