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Simon’s work accident claim settles for £7,250 (Ballyclare)

Simon was employed as a delivery driver when he was loading pallets onto his vehicle. One pallet was so large he broke the shrink wrap to remove some of the items in order for it to fit. The pallet in question contained televisions and whilst removing one, several others began to topple from the pallet. He instinctively attempted to catch them, but his thumb was hyper-extended by one of them. This caused a crush injury that left bruising, swelling and a fracture. After an x-ray at hospital, his thumb was placed in a splint.

Simon contacted Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors

Simon approached us with a view to claim when it was suggested to him by a friend. We initiated the claim against his employer on the basis that the pallets were loaded too high to safely transport in the vehicle he was allocated. His employer accepted this and quickly admitted liability. We sent Simon to be examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in upper limb injury. The specialist provided a medical report detailing the full extent of Simon’s injuries, and we entered settlement negotiations with the employer.

Simon’s employer offered £2,500 in compensation. However, we rejected this based on the details within the medical report. After further negotiation, a settlement of £7,250 was reached.

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