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Tom’s accident at work claim settles for £35,000 (County Down)

Tom had an accident at work when he was employed as a support worker in a children’s home in County Down. Two of the children in the home had a history of violence and assaulting staff members but they were allowed to remain there. 

On a particular occasion, the two children were attempting to attack another child. Tom used de-escalation techniques and attempted to separate the parties. However, he was then struck on the face by one of the culprits, suffering a broken nose and facial injury. He suffered from numbness in his teeth, headaches and tinnitus also. He was taken to the hospital and reviewed in the clinic in order to fully assess his injuries.

Tom was able to get assistance from Paschal O’Hare Solicitors 

Tom was worried about his injuries and wanted to speak with a solicitor. He searched for the best personal injury solicitors in Northern Ireland and found us.  

Our solicitors were keen to ensure that Tom was able to get the compensation that he deserved. We acted quickly by sending a letter of claim and obtained a report from a Consultant ENT Surgeon. The third party representatives would not come back to us with an offer so we issued proceedings. They obtained their own defence and medical report. 

After some negotiations, we were able to settle the claim for £35,000.

If you had an accident at work, we might be able to help. Learn more about our accident at work service or contact us for a free no obligation enquiry.


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