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Meningitis Claims

Meningitis is a very worrying illness as the symptoms often seem like other, less serious conditions and can be missed with fatal consequences. GPs or hospitals may send home patients with meningitis as they miss the signs and symptoms. When you know something is wrong, but medical professionals will not listen or help it can be extremely distressing.

If you or a member of your family has been misdiagnosed when suffering from meningitis, you will be extremely angry and upset. We do understand how distressing this must be for you and we can help you to understand if you can make a claim for meningitis negligence claim.

What is Meningitis?

There are two types of meningitis, bacterial and viral and it is bacterial meningitis which can cause death.

Viral meningitis, which is inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord, can be caused by many different viruses and because it is caused by a virus, antibiotics will have no effect. Instead the symptoms are treated, with pain medication and anti-sickness medication for example.

Bacterial meningitis will kill one in ten sufferers and will leave one in seven with permanent damage, such as brain damage, loss of limbs or deafness. Bacterial meningitis is caused by the meningococcal or the pneumococcal bacteria, both of which normally live quite harmlessly in quite a high proportion of the population. It is only when these harmless bacteria cross into the blood stream that they become extremely dangerous.

Who is most likely to suffer from Meningitis?

Anyone can get meningitis, but babies and children under five and young people aged between fourteen and twenty four are most at risk. Your doctor should consider these particular age indicators if you present with symptoms of meningitis.

Why is meningitis diagnosis so difficult?

It can be difficult to diagnose meningitis because not everyone gets all of the symptoms and they can appear at different times too. Early on, both meningitis and septicaemia have symptoms which are very similar to the flu.

Many of the classic symptoms of both meningococcal and pneumococcal meningitis are headache, stiff neck and a dislike of bright light. Once septicaemia has started there will be the rash that everyone associates with meningitis, which when pressed with a glass will not disappear.

How can we help with your meningitis claim?

We can offer you a Free Claims Assessment to advise you of your legal position and if there is the possibility to make a claim for meningitis compensation. We will be able to discuss your situation with you in a clear and uncomplicated way.

We can also talk to you about how you will be able to fund your claim and we will offer you advise on which option will have the best outcome for you.

We have 40 years’ experience in helping people receive compensation and we can help you too.

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