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No win no fee claims in Northern Ireland

We have all heard about the no win no fee payment method for solicitors. It’s also known as a conditional fee arrangement and most people have heard it mentioned in claim management company’s television adverts. However, you may not be aware that no win no fee is illegal in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop large claims companies in Great Britain from advertising the wrong information to the Northern Irish public.

No win no fee is not permitted in Northern Ireland

Solicitors in Northern Ireland are governed by the Law Society of NI who do not permit its members to practice this form of fee collection. In England & Wales, there is discussion about banning it there too. Although the name sounds attractive, no win no fee is actually rather controversial. For example, some legal experts say it may negatively impact injured people’s access to justice if the case seems to be of high risk and low value. Like the Law Society, we firmly believe that a person injured through no fault of their own should be able to pursue compensation effortlessly with as little amount of financial risk as possible.

This is why in Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland, solicitors use different systems which are arguably much better.

We offer a variety of payment options when it comes time to agree on such things. During our free consultation, our solicitors assess the potential case and present the client with their recommendations. Some clients may be entitled to legal aid whereas some may not. At times, we’re able to offer legal expenses insurance. This type of insurance means unsuccessful claims are covered for the cost of a small insurance premium. We pride ourselves on our experience and the ability to advise clients based on it. We’re exceptionally upfront about our costs and ensure clients have all the information needed when deciding how to fund their case.

If you would like to know more about our payment options or want to learn more about no win no fee, get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.


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