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common autumn injuries in northern ireland

Common Accidents in the Autumn in Northern Ireland 

You know autumn is here when the leaves across Northern Ireland slowly starting turning that pleasant red, brown, and gold. We can all agree that there’s nothing quite like that morning sunshine and crispness in the air. It just makes you want to curl up on a couch with a blanket and a cup of cocoa.

While this season can feel particularly cosy at home, it is often associated with a sharp increase in accidents and injuries.  We set out to explore the three main areas that see a rise in accidents and explore what causes them.   

Car Accidents

Many people aren’t aware that car accidents increase in Northern Ireland during the autumn. There are many reasons for this increase, including wet weather and fog. We wrote an informative blog that explores the key reasons in some detail. 

It is important to stay particularly alert as we transition to shorter days and visibility is decreased. Most notably, it becomes harder to see vulnerable road users like children and cyclists on the road. It’s therefore important not to distract yourself by using your phone or trying to eat while you drive. You need to be focused on the road now more than ever.  

Work Accidents 

We also tend to see an increase in work related accidents during the autumn. There are many different reasons for this, including wet weather and poor visibility due to shorter days.  

These factors lead to an increase in falls from height, slips & trips, as well as construction injuries. It is best to take extra care whenever moving around platforms or walking up ladders in particular. Always be a bit more cautious as the environment can be wetter than you anticipate, causing you to lose your footing. It’s worth taking a few extra precautious this time of year to help avoid an injury.

Slip and Trips in Shops

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that during the autumn, there’s also an increase in slips and trips in shops across Northern Ireland. The main culprit is wet weather. It’s easy for wet shoes to completely drentch the floors this time of year, causing hazards to appear throughout the store. 

Unless properly maintained, the culmination of factors could create a disaster for a shop. Businesses should ensure that the floors aren’t slippery and walkways are clear. It is worth double-checking that staff are aware that conditions may cause problems this time of year.

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