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Demystifying Common Work Injury Claim Myths in Northern Ireland

Debunking 8 Myths About Workplace Injury Claims in Northern Ireland

In the busy work environments across Northern Ireland, the safety and well-being of employees stands paramount. Employers are bound by a stringent legal duty of care to foster a safe workplace. Yet, there are instances where lapses occur, leading to unfortunate accidents and injuries among staff. There’s a widespread lack of awareness persisting around the rights of injured employees, particularly concerning their entitlement to compensation. This blog aims to dispel prevalent myths surrounding work accident claims, arming you with the key facts you need to pursue justice.

Myth 1: “It’s Too Late to File a Claim”

Contrary to common belief, you have a 3-year window from the date of your accident to initiate an  injury claim in Northern Ireland. This timeframe doesn’t demand the case to be resolved but merely requires that legal proceedings have commenced. This flexibility ensures that the timing of your claim doesn’t deter its success.

Myth 2: “The Costs Are Prohibitive”

While Northern Ireland doesn’t permit “No Win No Fee” arrangements, this doesn’t spell the end of affordable legal support. At Paschal O’Hare Solicitors, we pride ourselves on offering free confidential consultations to assess the viability of your case. Should the case go ahead, we strive to recover our fees directly from the at-fault employer’s insurer. Moreover, we can arrange for legal expenses insurance, ensuring our clients face no financial risk, regardless of the case outcome.

Myth 3: “Claiming Could Cost Me My Job”

Fear of retaliation is a significant concern for many. However, any form of punishment or harassment from an employer for seeking compensation is not only unethical but opens the door to further legal repercussions. Most employers understand and respect your rights, minimising the likelihood of adverse employment actions.

Myth 4: “I Don’t Want to Hurt My Employer Financially”

It’s crucial to understand that compensation claims are typically settled by the employer’s insurance company, not out of their pocket. This process ensures that your rightful claim does not directly impact your employer’s financial standing.

Myth 5: “The Claim Process Is Too Lengthy”

While it’s true that complex cases can take time, our dedicated solicitors at Paschal O’Hare are committed to streamlining the process. Leveraging our innovative case management mobile app, we expedite documentation, communication, and evidence submission, minimising your involvement so you can concentrate on recovery.

Myth 6: “The Compensation Isn’t Worth the Effort”

Compensation amounts vary widely, reflecting the injury’s severity. Claimants may receive compensation ranging from modest sums to substantial amounts, potentially in the millions. Our Claim Calculator provides insights into potential awards for various injuries, including recovery of lost earnings and other associated costs.

Empowering Your Journey to Justice

At Paschal O’Hare Solicitors, we specialise in navigating the complexities of work accident claims in Northern Ireland, ensuring our clients receive the compensation they rightly deserve. 

If you’ve experienced a workplace injury, we encourage you to explore your options with us. Learn more about our services or start a free enquiry by using our contact page. Your journey to justice and recovery is of paramount importance to us, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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