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The road's riskiest circumstances

The road's riskiest circumstances

We deal with road accidents of all descriptions ranging from minor bumps to serious life-changing collisions. When using the roads, you should remain careful and vigilant at all times, which goes without saying. However, in our half century of specialising in car crash claims we have grown familiar with the circumstances which require what can only be described as hypervigilance. Here are some instances you might come across on the roads that require your complete and full attention.


Children, especially younger children are more likely to run onto the road unpredictably. This is especially the case in the morning and when school gets out between 14:30 and 15:30. Due to parking limitations, parents may also pose a risk around these times if they choose to stop suddenly whilst collecting or dropping off their child. When driving near a school, remember to keep an eye out for children and road-crossing supervisors.


Construction sites and the areas around them can often present visibility issues. If the construction is in the form of road works, you should consider your speed as you pass workers carrying out their duties. Most construction sites, if appropriate and legal, will display guidance signs for motorists to follow.  

Police checkpoints

Although they’re less common on Northern Ireland’s roads than they used to be, you might happen across a police checkpoint. Police officers on foot are vulnerable whilst on the road and you should reduce speed upon approach and obey the instructions given to you.


Most cycle paths and bus lanes are well marked and the cyclists that use them often do so in a safe manor whilst dressed in hi-vis clothing. However, you should still remain wary of the sudden appearance of those that do not. This becomes even more important when driving at night.

Horse riders

If you frequent country roads you will already know driving etiquette when passing a horse and its rider. You should allow plenty of space and reduce your speed so as not to spook the horse. Animals, regardless of how well trained, are unpredictable.

City centre crossings

When driving in a city centre, pay extra attention for pedestrians crossing the road when they shouldn’t be. This is especially important when the weather is bad as pedestrians may take extra risks to finish their commute quicker. Pedestrians tend to be greater in numbers around 09:00 and 17:00 when then are traveling to and from work.


Whilst these scenarios do pose additional risk, it’s not an exhaustive list. You should always remain aware of your surroundings and obey the rules of the road. If you encounter another road user that doesn’t and you are involved in an accident, we can help. Click here to learn more about our services or contact us for a free no obligation chat.  

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