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Aoife visits from QUB on Work Experience

Aoife visits from QUB on Work Experience

Aoife visited us for a week of work experience. This is what she had to say. 

Guest Blog

My name is Aoife and I am currently a student at Queen’s University Belfast, recently having completed my first year studying law.

Recently, I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain legal experience through a week long work experience at Paschal O’Hare Solicitors. My initial attraction to personal injury law was the firm’s outstanding record in this area. Throughout the week, my interest further deepened as I learnt about the complexities involved in the many successful cases the firm had won, in particular, as case in which £100,000 in compensation was obtained for the client. This was an outstanding amount, certain to make a positive difference to the client’s life.

I have learnt so much over the week which will help me prepare for a future career in the legal field.

Throughout the week I was able to observe a variety of settings involving court cases, settlements and consultations and visited the district, county and high courts. I further learnt of the importance of close co-operation with barristers and colleague solicitors. Furthermore, I have also been introduced to fairly different and slightly narrower areas of law in the shape of medical negligence and road traffic accidents. I have also learnt more of the role of a solicitor and the importance of organisation and obtaining all relevant facts relating to a case.

It was difficult and sometimes emotional

There have been many aspects of this experience in which I have thoroughly enjoyed such as the in-depth learning of personal injury claims process, close collaboration with clients and the opportunity to experience life as a solicitor both in the office and in court. It was difficult and sometimes emotional to learn of situations in which an accident or mistake made such a vast impact in someone’s life, subjecting them to many difficulties and challenges. However, witnessing the work of the solicitors reaffirmed the importance of the role when it comes to assisting those in the most dire of circumstances. This was the most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of the work experience.

It has also been very beneficial to see how the skills I learn each day at Queen’s University are put to use outside of the lecture theatre. I believe that experiencing the practicalities of law will serve to deepen my understanding in the classroom and I look forward to returning to my studies to test this theory.  

Overall I would say that this experience has been extremely worthwhile and has inspired me to persevere with my studies in order to obtain success in my exams and eventually allow me to work in litigation and personal injury law in the future. I am grateful to Queen's University Belfast for organising this experience for me. I am also grateful to everyone at Paschal O’Hare Solicitors for their hospitality and incredible support.  


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