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Paschal O’Hare Hits 600 Trustpilot Reviews 

Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors is thrilled to announce that we have reached 600 reviews on Trustpilot, making us the highest rated personal injury law firm on Trustpilot in Northern Ireland. This milestone is a testament to the exceptional level of service that we provide our clients and we’re extremely proud of this achievement. 

Overcoming Legal Challenges

The client experience at Paschal O’Hare has consistently been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous clients leaving glowing reviews. Many clients have applauded the professionalism and knowledge of the firm’s solicitors. They highlighted their aptitude for resolving challenging legal situations and obtaining beneficial outcomes for their clients.

One client, Sam, said that “What I experienced was pure professionalism any time we communicated via phone and the app is a very good way to handle the documents that you need to read and sign.” He went on to say that he would highly recommend us “to anyone who is in need of a solicitor who specializes in personal injury compensation.”

Another client, David, also had positive things to say about the firm, stating that Paschal O’Hare was:  “A vastly different experience from multiple other solicitors, I can’t recommend highly enough. Completely delighted, and somewhat surprised, by the high level of efficiency and professionalism in which business has been handled with regards to my matter.”

Client-Centred Focus

Apart from the outstanding level of service provided by our solicitors, Paschal O’Hare’s client-centred approach was praised by countless clients. The team’s compassion, as well as our desire to go above and beyond, has been commended by different clients on Trustpilot.

One client, Peter, said: “From start to finish Patrick and his team have been fantastic. Everything was plain sailing , no messing about, which after an accident is exactly what you need. From the initial call to final payout I never had any issues. Medical appointments arranged quickly, reports shared via the App, everything was clear and concise. I really hope I never have another accident but I have no hesitation in recommending these guys. Thanks very much for all you did.”

Our Solicitors are Ready to Help

Our team of experienced solicitors is known for giving each client a highest degree of individualised service and focus. We are proud of the positive client experience that we have been able to provide and always strive to be better.  If you or someone you know needs legal advice, Paschal O’Hare is the reliable and trusted choice. Our team of solicitors is ready to assist you and ensure that you receive the advice and compensation you deserve. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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